Stewards-Monitors Workshop

From the people who brought you Wild Things…

The Habitat Project hosted a workshop on February 7, 2010, to address in-depth questions on stewardship and monitoring. We were 124 in total, most of us experienced stewards, monitors, land managers, and other practitioners.

We had seven sessions, led by experts in each field. The format was group discussion, with guidance by the expert leaders.

If you would like to read the notes from the sessions you missed, please click on the session title below:

  1. Prairies and Savannas
  2. Woodlands
  3. Wetlands
  4. Herbiciding and Invasives
  5. Monitoring
  6. Seeding
  7. Working with People

Many thanks to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County for hosting the workshop, and to the following organizers for making it happen:

  • Jeff Weiss
  • Phyllis Schulte
  • Dick Riner
  • Greg Rajsky
  • Justin Pepper
  • Stephen Packard
  • Susanne Masi
  • Cindy Hedges
  • Pat Hayes
  • Karen Glennemeier