We've given many links throughout the site especially under monitoring wildlife, restoring habitat and advocating for nature on how to get involved.

The following list is a summary of those resources, plus some additional links:

Advocate For Nature

  • Illinois Conservation Foundation - Works to to preserve and enhance our precious natural resources by supporting and fostering ecological, educational, and recreational programs.
  • The Conservation Foundation - An organization that preserves open space and natural lands, protects rivers and watersheds, and promotes stewardship in Northeastern Illinois.
  • Fox River Ecosystem Partnership - A coalition that promotes, preserves, protects and enhances the Fox River and its watershed.
  • Friends of the Forest Preserves - Support nature in the Cook County Forest Preserves.
  • Friends of the Parks - Support nature in the city of Chicago.
  • Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter - The nation's oldest conservation organization is based on local volunteers making a difference.
  • Sierra Club, Indiana Chapter - The nation's oldest conservation organization is based on local volunteers making a difference.
  • Wild Ones - A not for profit organization that promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities.
  • BackYard Nature Center - A non-profit organization whose mission is to connect children and adults with the wonders of nature through volunteer stewardship activities, education, and unstructured play. Additionally, they hold monthly invasive species workdays at the Skokie Lagoons every second Saturday.


Chicago Wilderness

  • Chicago Wilderness - A coalition of more than 150 groups working to study and restore, protect and manage the natural ecosystems of the Chicago region.
  • Chicago Wilderness Magazine - A quarterly magazine that celebrates this region's natural heritage and tells the stories of the people working to protect it.
  • Chicago Wilderness Journal - A quarterly online publication of Chicago Wilderness that reports the results of research, education, and management projects of coalition members.

Classes and Education

Forest Preserves

Monitor Wildlife

  • Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network - A network of volunteers that monitors butterflies at all sites within Illinois—including within the City of Chicago.
  • Illinois Odonate Survey - A citizen scientist program surveying dragonfly and damselflies populations and accounts throughout Illinois.
  • Bird Conservation Network - A network of birders who monitor and advocate for birds in the Chicago region.
  • BCN Survey - A database for Chicagoland monitors and other birders to enter and view observations.
  • Plants of Concern - A network of volunteers who monitor rare plants in the Chicago region.
  • Illinois and Chicago Net-Birding - Lots of information about the local and regional birding scene.
  • Project Squirrel - A Citizen Science program for all ages to document squirrel diversity and abundance in the Chicago Wilderness region.
  • Illinois Beach State Park Hawk Watch - a group of volunteers who share a love of raptors, a drive to learn more about them and a desire to share their passion with others.
  • BeeSpotter - share photographs and data on bees in Illinois (and eventually the whole country) in order to get a better sense of bee demographics.

Park Districts

Restore Habitat

State And Federal Government

Wildlife Links