Idea Exchange:

Want to chat with others about conservation ideas? Below are some discussion groups you may wish to join:

  • Facebook: Become a fan of Audubon Chicago Region, Chicago Wilderness and Wild Things on Facebook .
  • The Stewards Listserve: This Yahoo discussion group, vsn-stewards, has been set up by The Nature Conservancy to facilitate and encourage discussion among Illinois stewards, co-stewards, monitors, and others. Discussion topics might include management plans, monitoring techniques, volunteer recruitment, stewardship techniques and tools, status of animals and plant species, and so on. Special stewardship events, workshops, and conferences may also be posted on the listserve. Subscription to the listserve is limited to people who are volunteers in the Volunteer Stewardship Network. Here are instructions on how to join the stewards listserve.
  • Chicagoland Frogs: Frog monitors use the chifrogs Yahoo discussion group to keep in touch with each other about exciting sitings, curious critters and burning questions that arise during the spring/summer mating season. See chifrogs for more information and how to join.
  • Chicago Region Bird Monitors: The beebzz Yahoo discussion group to encourages discussion among bird monitors, stewards, land managers, researchers and others interested in conserving bird habitat in the natural areas of the Greater Chicago (Chicago Wilderness) area. Suggested topics include relationships between habitat and bird populations, bird behavior, unusually high or low numbers of species observed, suggestions for more effective monitoring, and questions about protocols. The BCN will also post announcements there. If there is a question that the beebzz users can't answer, it'll be sent it out to someone who will know the answer. To join, please follow these instructions .
  • BCN-net: The Bird Conservation Network operates an electronic mailing list called BCN-net for the discussion of issues relating to bird conservation important to the greater Chicago area. See BCN-net for more information and how to join.
  • IBET (IL Birders Exchanging Thoughts): IBET is an e-mail list for the discussion of wild birds and birding issues relating to IL. Its mission is to promote the JOY of birding by keeping members updated on rare and interesting birds and birding opportunities. See ILbirds for more information and how to join.

Know of other Chicago region conservation discussion groups? Please let us know.