Contact Us:

For general information about volunteering with the Habitat Project, contact Dan Jacobson (847.328.1250).

Other contacts are:

  • Audubon Chicago Region Executive Director
    Rebeccah Sanders (847.328.1250)
  • Audubon Chicago Region Director of Conservation
    position open
  • Audubon Chicago Region Donations
    Rebeccah Sanders (847.328.1250)
  • Bird Conservation Network
    Joan Bruchman (847.687.3108)
  • Breeding Bird Survey of the Bird Conservation Network
    Lee Ramsey (847.501.4683)
  • Dragonfly Monitoring
    Gareth Blakesley (708.361.1873)
  • Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network
    Tom Peterson (630.443.8604) or Karen Wilson
  • Plants of Concern
    Rachel Goad (847.835.6927)
  • Woods Audit, Grassland Audit, or Plant Community Monitoring
    Dan Jacobson