If you would like to find out who the monitors or stewards are at a site where you are involved, you can find their names on our Connections page. If you would like to contact someone on this list whom you don't already know, contact Dan Jacobson and he will pass your contact information on to that person and ask if they would like to provide theirs. For DuPage County, contact Cindy Benza-Hedges. For rare plant monitors (Plants of Concern), contact Rachel Goad.

When stewards and monitors work together, the collaboration can lead to better management plans, to sites being managed as whole ecosystems. There is a great deal to be learned from each other, and it makes sense to work together to improve habitat and restore native diversity to our natural areas.

There is no substitute for going out in the field together, where you can ask questions, share observations, and discuss challenges as you go. Other ideas for making contact include monitors sending an email to the site stewards immediately after each monitoring outing, to tell them what they found that day. Simple report forms can be developed by monitors and stewards together, so that the monitors can record the information most useful to stewards. You can see some samples, at the BCN website.

Monitors appreciate seeing management plans for a site, so that they can understand how the animals they are seeing fit into the big picture for the site and can provide more useful feedback to stewards. Monitors also can help to create the management plans along with the stewards.