The Habitat Herald Newsletter:

For the past 12 years, The Habitat Herald has shared the stories of our community's conservation successes and inspiring leaders, as well as cool nature facts, the latest local science, opportunities to get involved, and so much more.

The Herald has been written of, by, and for the people of Chicago's thriving conservation community, and it has been our great pleasure to work with the many writers, photographers, editors, and designers who worked together to bring each issue to fruition. These talented people, along with the hundreds of others who provided interviews and shared their stories, have been the heart of The Habitat Herald, helping all of us stay connected and do better conservation as a result.

We look forward to Audubon's next iteration of the publication, which will be under new guidance and leadership. The beauty of our thriving, community- based conservation world is that we all have the opportunity to tell our stories in as many ways as we have ideas. As we welcome new ways of telling our stories and say goodbye to the old, the good work goes on.

With sincere gratitude,
The Editors

All editions are available here (Viewed best with Adobe Reader):

At Audubon Chicago Region, we are grateful for the inspiring work and deep commitment of the Habitat Herald's long-standing editorial team. We remain deeply committed to supporting the work of the citizen-science community. This includes a continuation of this publication under the new name The Citizen Scientist. Through printed and online content The Citizen Scientist will continue to feature your voices, work, and stories, which are the foundation for our region's thriving conservation community. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

The Audubon Chicago Region Staff